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Tether is a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US dollar. 1 Tether (USDT) is worth 1 dollar. When you use a volatile crypto to buy Tether, you’re instantly escaping market volatility. Buy USDT online using the BitonWallet app!

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How can I buy USDT?

With BitonWallet, you can buy 5 major cryptocurrencies, including USDT. For info on how to get a Tether wallet, how to buy Tether with a debit card, and how to store funds in the safest Tether wallet online, simply download the app and follow the in-app instructions. Our Tether wallets are available as an Android USDT wallet as well as a USDT wallet for iOS.

Why Bitonwallets is the best place to buy USDT?

BitonWallet was designed to give you several advantages when you buy Tether online. Let's take a look.

Use Tether Instantly

BitonWallet offers a seamless trading experience for new users. You don't need to know how to get a Tether wallet, or how to add money to your USDT wallet, as we explain everything with easily followed on-screen instructions.

Simple Registration

The registration process for BitonWallet is straightforward and offers access to 5 major cryptocurrencies. This makes it very straighforward to buy USDT online.

Spend Tether Anywhere

BitonWallet isn't just a Tether wallet app. If you want, you can connect your USDT wallet with your crypto debit card and instantly start spending USDT on goods and services out in the real world!

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What is USDT, and is this Tether wallet safe?

Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin backed by the US dollar. The value of 1 USDT is pegged to the US dollar, and unlike other cryptocurrencies, the value does not change. USDT allows you to buy cryptocurrencies, and then trade them for USDT instead of USD. This means you can keep your money in crypto without worrying about market volatility. We describe our Tether wallet as the safest Tether wallet because it's secured by BitGo, a world-class digital asset security firm.

What can I do with Tether?

You can use Tether to store value in cryptocurrencies without being subjected to market volatility. Sometimes crypto traders experience delays when transferring to and from fiat currencies, and USDT is there to allow you to enjoy a seamless trading experience without ever needing to transfer out of the crypto markets.

Tether price today (USDT)

1 USDT is always worth 1 USD.